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August 2015

What Reading Taught Me

Back in primary school, my teacher decided to inculcate the art of reading in us, and when she asked me what my favourite book was, I very innocently replied, “Macbeth.” (Yes, it was my favourite bedtime story! Witches, Royalty, and a forest that will walk? “Something wicked this way comes!”) The puzzled look on her face sparked a degree of pride in me, and most importantly, nurtured my book addiction.

Throughout the years, I have felt that every book I have read has awakened my senses (and sensibilities) in a profound way, and I have learnt something new from each of them. So here’s to all the authors who have contributed to who I am, and who have taught me invaluable lessons, aside from limitless knowledge and an improved vocabulary.

Life is full of surprises.
Ever marvelled at those twists and shocking jolts that books make us go through? There are moments when we are affronted, angry at the characters (or at the author!), incredulous at the unfolding of events, but deep down, we know that there is another surprise awaiting us. Anyone who has read ‘Gone Girl’ (and all those novels with cliff-hanger endings) will relate.

You can be whoever you want.
Whether you want to be quixotic, amaranthine, shrouded in mystery, or simply kind, it all happens in your mind. It’s our choices that define who we are and who we want to become (Thank you, J. K. Rowling). Continue reading “What Reading Taught Me”




Let me introduce you to our story
Reminiscent of a discreet fantasy;
Inaudibly did romance converse with us –
While hours played by in flashes for us.

There we were, strangers at crossroads,
Or were we star-crossed from the start?
Or perhaps no stranger was he to me,
No stranger, surely, than this strange reality.

His steps faltered when he lay his gaze on me,
And I stared back, held on to sanity:
There was space to contemplate,
More rules to enumerate;
How then could I to emotions give way,
And throw perspective in disarray?

The three fates pulled us back, thrice,
The only way they knew how to:
Had our smiles already cast the dice?
‘Cause suddenly I saw the world in blue. Continue reading “Introduction”

Hello Universe!

Is everything around us an intricate dream? Are we here to unravel new thoughts, or to bask in the existing ones? We are probably not here to find answers; we are here just to ponder… and to wonder whether we are part of somebody else’s dream too.

Because we are Dreamers.

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