Let me introduce you to our story
Reminiscent of a discreet fantasy;
Inaudibly did romance converse with us –
While hours played by in flashes for us.

There we were, strangers at crossroads,
Or were we star-crossed from the start?
Or perhaps no stranger was he to me,
No stranger, surely, than this strange reality.

His steps faltered when he lay his gaze on me,
And I stared back, held on to sanity:
There was space to contemplate,
More rules to enumerate;
How then could I to emotions give way,
And throw perspective in disarray?

The three fates pulled us back, thrice,
The only way they knew how to:
Had our smiles already cast the dice?
‘Cause suddenly I saw the world in blue.

True, the black and white scene faded,
As the hero now walked on stage.
Violins played, in my mind he serenaded;
Then Love magnified, as if from another age:

He held my smile, spoke with his eyes, unchained,
In a language only we could understand.
Suddenly, the earth started moving again,
We heard noises we could no longer comprehend.

Distances grew so that we could meet again,
He promised me a future so he could breathe again;
One day, he said, we’d walk together to another bend –
We both know this is far from the end.