It always starts with a melody,
Like a waterfall shielded from perfidy,
You strutted to me, like a prince without vanity,
Asking me to walk to you, to create another reality.

I gazed in ultimate ecstasy,
As the wisps of smoke reinvented insanity:
The colours, the scent, you… a whole other galaxy.
The more I looked, the more you… you all seemed imaginary.

Where were we? Where had we reached?
I’d forgotten all alacrity!
Where are we? Where have we reached?
I’d follow you in greater depravity.

There are too many words in my head,
Too many that I write for you,
Too many that defy you, define you,
Give meaning to the flashes in my head.

All I feel is unparalleled intensity,
When you hold my hand so playfully,
When you choose your words, ever so gallantly,
When you concoct emotions, so palpably.

Why are you present only on beautiful days?
Why do I feel you only on dark nights?
Why are you stuck in my imagination?
Why do I see you only at twilights?

You’re real, you’re here. I remember you in my memory.
Making the stars glitter, and the skies shiver,
I can’t let you go so laughingly.
You’re here, you’re real, composing a new rhapsody.