Someone once asked me whether bloggers were attention-seekers. If we are, what a wonderful way have we chosen! So here I am, trying to get your attention: Helllooooooooo! (Feel free to imagine an imaginary blue rabbit hopping and waving here. Yes, I just asked you to over-use your imagination.)

I love being happy (Who doesn’t?), and to celebrate my happiness, I’d like to share thirteen random thoughts I had this morning. Well, to be honest, I had many more, but I have decided to stop at thirteen because it’s a beautiful romantic number that reminds me of witches. I assure you, that sounded funny in my mind.

My ludicrous thoughts:

  1. The word ‘bicycle’ is visually wrong. Why isn’t it ‘bycicle’ or something? It doesn’t make sense to me – it never has. Sometimes, we just see words and we forget that we are used to seeing them in this particular order.
  2. I would like to have an imaginary friend. I have never had one. Maybe it’s high time… hmm.
  3. I am a compulsive list-maker. I have a list for books I am currently reading (coincidentally, there are thirteen!), a daily to-do list (because, obviously), a weekly to-do list, and I sometimes reach a point where I have a list of my lists.
  4. Hashtag. The word ‘hashtag’ shouldn’t exist. It’s not pretty. It makes me think of of ‘hush-tag’, which in turn makes me think of a person called Tag who needs to remain quiet, which reminds me of Tag Jones from ‘Friends’. What happened to him anyway?
  5. Some songs try too hard to be sweet. Don’t get me wrong; I have nothing against romantic songs, but some of them just try too hard!! I mean, let’s take this breathy tone and soft tune and attempt to make people swoon and think of butterflies! No. Stop.
  6. Collecting stamps used to be an awesome hobby. Is diary-collecting a hobby? I love diaries. I am a diary collector.
  7. I like Sadness from the movie ‘Inside Out’ because she’s blue. Does that make me a racist? What a scary thought.
  8. Speaking of scary, snowmen can be scary. They have carrots instead of noses! I don’t get scared easily though (except when someone stands behind/beside me and goes ‘boo’); I find horror movies funny, especially when the possessed ones go ‘Niiiiaaaaahhh!’
  9. I do not like the colour yellow. Why, then, do I love the sun?
  10. I want to be a professional book reader. I want to get paid for reading books (not necessarily out loud because I don’t see why anyone would like to pay me to listen to my voice for hours).
  11. Hemingway’s six-word story (“For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn”) haunts me to this day. Whose baby? Why were the shoes never worn? Why does this make me so sad?
  12. Black market is not literally black. I however recently read a book which had a literal footnote, as in, it was a note about a foot.
  13. We all lead different lives. Sometimes together, sometimes next to each other. But they are different lives. We are different, and we like it.

If you read this, and it makes you laugh (chuckle? smile, at least?), do spread the joy. We are happy because we all deserve it.

This was supposed to be a short post. Oh, well.