There’s something beautiful about not caring; about being so detached that nothing (let me reiterate, in capital letters, NOTHING!) can affect you. You’re no longer a sponge soaking up the emotions, highs (maybe you do not really mind the highs) and lows of other people, of your surroundings. You stand (or sit back, relax, depending on your fancy) like an unbreakable rock (or a happy feather, or a flower in bloom, enjoying the mild breeze).

It’s so difficult to leave – until you leave.
Then it’s the easiest goddamned thing in the world.

I understand now why so many people practise it – detachment. It’s oddly soothing (why odd, though?). It’s revitalising, so much so that it feels like an absolute high.

I’m not indifferent. I’m detached. There’s a fundamental difference between the two, despite the subtleties.

I’m free from cares. I’m free from worries.
I’m free from the fear of tomorrow.
The anxiety leaves as easily as it came.
Here’s the exit route: It leads to an entrance to Another World.
You have options. Embrace them.

All of this came from gazing at a cloud yesterday, and admiring its shape-shifting nature. It’s a different cloud today, but the blue sky is so overpowering that it beggars all description (I cannot help but smile). Such exhilaration; just the way I love it.