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Blue Curtains

I was attracted to the lemony scent:
The tinge in the air made me moth-like as I was drawn
To the flame of another world, battling my wings
In the hollow shell of despair; but my plan was flawed.

I collided with bluish curtains, nowhere near the lemons,
Only a sickening turquoise mocking the inner depths of
My being. I felt taunted by the drapes, the pleats,
The entire design forming a tapestry of deafening roars.

That was when the lemony scent was replaced by
The smoky smell of death, choking my surroundings, Continue reading “Blue Curtains”


Hello Universe!

Is everything around us an intricate dream? Are we here to unravel new thoughts, or to bask in the existing ones? We are probably not here to find answers; we are here just to ponder… and to wonder whether we are part of somebody else’s dream too.

Because we are Dreamers.

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